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PhotoFirst NameLast NameCountyEmployerPhone
Alex Deutsch Henderson Henderson County Public Schools 828-564-3628
Leah Edwards Buncombe Buncombe County Schools 828_773_1602
Melinda Smith Haywood Haywood County Schools 828-926-3207
Colleen Oza Henderson Henderson County Schools 828-697-4566
Lisl Whitted Henderson Henderson County Public Schools 828-697-4566
Cindy Phipps Jackson Jackson County Public Schools 828-586-2311
Stephanie Stiles Macon Macon County Schools 828-369-0796
Kimerly Edwards Rutherford Retired 828_286_0434
Catherine Gantt Swain Gantt Assessment and Counseling 828_508_6016
Anna Galloway Transylvania Transylvania County Schools 828-884-2091
Misty House Haywood Haywood County Schools 828-318-7822
Shawn Acheson Buncombe Clinical Neuroscience Services of WNC 919-768-2243
Kerri Provost Macon Macon County Schools 8283710692
Hannah Hyers Buncombe Buncombe County Schools 8282061500
Melissa Rosetta Buncombe Buncombe County Schools 8283991012
Will Bovender Henderson Henderson County Schools 828-289-6270
Dawn Baker Buncombe Buncombe CountySchools 8282797115
Elizabeth Conder Buncombe Appalachian Counseling and Psychological Services, Inc 828-273-2379
Stephanie F Hoekstra Henderson Private practice, contracting with schools 828-407-6249
Candrice Thul Buncombe Asheville City Schools 828_350_6129